TOP 20 Places for Retirement Communities Florida

Retirement Communities Florida is, without doubt, the nation’s most sought-after retirement destination. It’s a dream for seniors due to its stunning beach, warm winters, and lower taxes.

The right community is one of the biggest challenges of retirement in Florida. This list includes the top 10 Florida communities ideal for retirees and the top reviewed retirement communities.

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Why should you decide to retire to Florida?

For four main reasons, Florida is a favourite location for retirees looking to move to the United States:

  • Taxes are meagre. Florida has no state inheritance, income, or estate taxes. The income earned from IRAs, Social Security benefits, IRAs, and pensions are tax-free.
  • Many people older than 55 live across the United States. Over 25% of the population in Florida is composed of people 60 and over.
  • You can enjoy a pleasant year-round temperature. Seniors in active retirement can enjoy the outdoors nearly every day in Florida. The mild winters of the snowbirds are a delight, and the summers are ideal for relaxing on the beach.
  • There are numerous attractions and activities. Florida is a paradise for all ages. Florida is more than beaches and parks that are state-owned. There are also museums for art and history open to the public for free and special activities throughout the year. There are also events, concerts and festivals, outdoors farmers markets, festivals, and art fairs in most cities.

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Communities Florida

  • Location
  • Medical
  • Accessibility
  • Options for housing
  • Security
  • Recreation
  • Culture and lifestyle
  • Food, dining out, and socializing
  • Levels of Care Offered
  • Value and cost of the retirement community

Top 20 Retirement Communities in Florida

#1 The Palace Group, Miami

Miami is home to many beaches and nightlife venues, as well as entertainment and nightlife venues. But is it a suitable place to relocate in retirement? Yes! Yes! It’s the perfect spot for people passionate about museums, art, culture and other pursuits of culture.

It is possible to visit areas like Wynwood and Design areas of Miami for antique stores, coffee shops, and craft beer breweries. If you’re over 65 and don’t enjoy walking or biking, you can use public transportation at no cost if you are!

The residents love the heated pool fitness centre, the heated pool, community activities and special events within the security community.

  • Standout Feature – Proximity To Downtown Miami
  • Founding date: 1980
  • Luxury Community:
  • Costs: Studio $5,100, One-bedroom apartment $6,100

#2 Cypress Village. Jacksonville

Cypress Village is our second selection of retirement communities located in Florida. The retirement community is home to an average house value of $236,000 or less. This retirement community is full of outdoor activities and is a good choice for those who love the outdoors.

Suppose you have a rainy day that you’d like to visit Florida. The Cumer Musem for Garden and Art and the Ritz Theater and Museum are both within reach. Sports fans can go to the Veterans Memorial Arena to see the NATAL Sharks and college and minor league teams.

Cypress Village is well-known for its luxurious lifestyle. It is designed to be a lavish getaway instead of a retirement home. The property has a putting green and fitness centre and walking trails, as well as Bocce courts and workshops made of metal. There are several arts and crafts studios as well as vegetable gardens.

  • Standout Feature Outdoor-centric Activities
  • Luxury Community:
  • Costs: Assisted Living $5500/month, Independent Living 2100/month

#3 Discovery Village Melbourne

Discovery Village is the perfect location for students who believe you should never get old enough to learn new things. It’s located near The Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and other sites of historical significance. This area is a go-to for those interested in education, the launch of spacecraft, as well as art galleries and planned events.

The beauty salon is a favourite among residents. As well as the wellness centre, the movie theatre with heated outdoor pool, cinema rooms, movie theatres housekeeping services, transport choices, independent living and games rooms. Residents can explore the area by visiting The Indian River Lagoon if they would like to. Surfers can also take classes in surfing at Baytree National Golf Links and take in the fresh air at Viera Wetlands.

  • Standout Feature Educational Opportunities
  • Founding date: 2012
  • Luxury Community:
  • Prices: Shared Suite, $4,041, Private Studio Suite, $4,849, and Studio, $5,253

#4 Westminster Towers Orlando

Westminster Towers is an excellent option for those looking to explore the city. The retirement community in Orlando has more than 280,000 people living there. It is perfect for those who love getting together and meeting new people.

If you have children who wish to visit your retirement facility, this is the perfect community for them. There is no feeling of being alone within this community as 10% of residents are retired. You’ll love it here!

Westminster is an elderly village that caters to everyone regardless of what they like doing during their free time. Westminster offers a contemporary fitness centre, bookkeeping, classes, transportation and educational programs and the option of group activities. The socializing options are an outstanding feature

  • Founding date:1954
  • Luxury Community:
  • Apartment Entrance Fee $79 500, Monthly $1,686
  • $13,400 monthly Entry Fee in 1 Bedroom Apartments

#5 Top of the World Ocala:

The county retiring in Florida is a beautiful location to explore the lively downtown of Ocala. You can enjoy myriad activities, including ballet companies, orchestras, and theatres within this prosperous city.

The residents from On Top of the World can enjoy a range of galleries and museums within the downtown region. It is also possible to visit close to nature, such as nearby nature areas like the Marjorie Harris Car Cross Florida Greenway or Silver Springs State Park.

We love how they feature a cultural centre, Ocala Civic Theater, fitness programs, festivals, environmentally-friendly practices, and well-being programs within the community. A standout feature is the Awe-inspiring vibes in Ocala

  • Founding date: 2004,
  • Luxury Community:
  • Prices: Housing Costs $165,000 to $625,000
  • #6 The Glenview At Pelican Bay. Naples

Do you like the sun’s warmth on your skin, the sand between your toes, and the sound of breaking waves? Glenview is the perfect place to be. This is a beautiful retirement community where you can connect with other people like you.

Naples is regularly listed as one of the top places for retirees to retire in America. The famous beachfront town is an ideal destination for retired individuals who wish to explore museums, go to the beach, and spend time with friends. Everybody here can choose to live in assisted living facilities and independent homes.

This Glen View has a hobby studio, a private beach, and nearby shops. This is an ideal location for those who enjoy being outdoors and getting together. Highlights Feature Naples can be described as a top-rated retirement community.

  • Founding date: 1988
  • Luxury Community:
  • Costs – Nursing Care $13,427; Assisted Living $5.652, Independent Living $3.109, Memory Care $9.325

#7 Valencia Cay at Riverland, Port St. Lucie

Valencia Cay, located in Riverland, Port St. Lucie, is conveniently located between Orlando in Florida and Miami. To experience the various cultural attractions in the region, go to the Oxbow Eco-Center or Savannas Preserve State Park. Clover Park is also accessible.

It’s like living in a fairytale for older people who are amazed by events and concerts. You can go to Oktoberfest in autumn, the FEStival Lights Festival and New Year’s Eve celebrations. This is why U.S. News named this city one of three top locations to retire in 2021.

  • Residents can also enjoy the community garden cafĂ©, pickleball courts, cafe and a cultural centre in the retirement community.
  • Special Features The 34,000-square foot clubhouse and massive houses

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