Top 15 Digital Marketing Gurus to Watch in 2022

Digital marketing influencers and experts possess the vast experience that comes from years of hard work and professionalism. These individuals usually have a sheer desire to share their experience with those who are still struggling in their early endeavours. In this article, we provide a list of people who are willing to share their knowledge in order to make others’ lives easier.We have made a list of all those experts, and they are sharing those details in the following lines. Let’s kick-start our article by getting more and more information about those influencers.

List of digital marketing gurus:

Gary Vaynerchuk
Neil Patel
Ryan Deiss
Rand Dishkin
Larry Kim
Pam Moore
Tim Ferriss
Kim Grast
Jennifer Polk
Scott Stretten
Jay Baer
Jeff Sheehan
Leonard Kim
Neal Schaffer
Donna Moritz
Let’s go through the details of each of these influencers:

Gary Vaynerchuk:

Gary is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable yet well-known digital marketing experts. He began his journey in his early childhood and tried his hardest to get on the hype train for learning the fundamentals of the internet, the fastest-growing yet well-known and popularly growing technology.This tale is about the late 1990s. He is regarded as the first person to get into the details of the e-commerce niche. He is also regarded as the first person to have flourished his own YouTube shows, gaining popularity and turning on monetization.

He is also famous as an angel investor, a best-selling marketing author, a public speaker, and the owner of a very famous digital marketing agency, i.e., Vayner Media. He has remained at the top of the list compiled for digital marketing influencers for a while. He seemed quite unlikely to stop here. He is regarded as one of those who provides their experience from the ground up in the best possible way.

Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is one of the true gurus of the digital marketing field. When it comes to content marketing and the search engines, the name of Neil Patel is taken for granted, as are specifically dedicated individuals who can do more than marvel. He is regarded as one of the leading forces in SEO education. According to Forbes research and studies, he is also one of the top ten digital marketing influencers.

He has the reputation of being practical, as his lectures are not mere talk while beating around the bush. He is the individual who co-founded the company named Crazy Egg and tested every aspect of his teachings before turning them into lectures. He has also co-founded many other companies, such as Kiss Metrics, Hello Bar, and many more. Aside from his won business, he has access to growth-oriented companies and can consult for larger corporations such as Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, NBC, and many more.

If you are a student and want to learn the skills of digital marketing, the name of Neil Patel should be at the top of your list. Follow his website as well as his social media handles for the correct courses as well as tips and tricks.He shares the in-depth articles as well as many SEO tools that are of great importance and mandatory for learning and growth.

Ryan Deiss:

He is known as the creator of customer value optimization tactics. He is also regarded as the revenue booster for many online companies he handles and has worked with. He is the CEO as well as the founder of He is known as the leader of digital marketing education.

He owns a company that offers tools and training sessions for digital marketing, which should be checked out by all the struggling people and students for instant growth and help.

He has also dealt with clients that own companies such as Uber, Infusionsoft, Shopify, and many more, and his consistency has proven him as one of the most high-profile digital marketing influencers.

Rand Fishkin:

Rand is not only famous for his moustachioed looks. He is also well-known as the founder and CEO of MOZ.If you have an idea of what MOZ is, it will definitely not be hard for you to think that he is regarded as the top persona for search engine optimization education and as a marketing influencer for a reason.

There are a variety of reasons why people like Fishkin, but the major reason is that he started off his journey as a blogger in 2003.

After a kick-starting journey as a YouTuber, he later opened his own consulting company, which was transformed into the software company. This company currently has the best SEO tools on the market.He has a business journey, which is something to learn from. You should immediately follow Rand if you are relying on SEO techniques to grow your projects and grab the top position in search engine optimization.

Larry Kim:

Larry Kim is a digital marketing expert, coach, influencer, and the founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey and WordStream.These two companies are best known to almost all marketing experts. He is also regarded as one of the top contributors in the medium. He is also one of the top eight popular writers on the platform. He also provides the best service for Facebook ads, SEO influencers, and Google ads. If you are looking for valuable insights in the field of digital marketing, such as Google Ads and Facebook marketing,

Pam Moore:

She is regarded as one of the top influencers capable of casting a spell on social media in order to promote and boost sales.She has strong skills and tactics in the field of conversion optimization as well as in social media marketing. She retains the best techniques and strategies for social media optimization, brand development, brand boosting, social media selling, and much more.She does not keep her secrets to herself, but rather shares them in order to help others benefit from the ocean of internet marketing.She has over ten million followers who follow her directions and are earning a handsome income.

Pam’s journey began as a marketing socialist on social media.She has strong skills in the fields of brand development and branding, which helped her in her early business endeavours. She now helps other people in the field of digital marketing improve their reach on social media as well as their branding.

Tim Ferriss:

Tim Ferriss has the reputation of being a bad boy in the industry of digital marketing. He has a four-hour work week book, which is in the Wall Street Journal as well as on the list of best sellers in the New York Times. He is regarded as the person whose name appears as the best investor on Shopify, Duolingo, Facebook, and numerous other social media forums.

In addition to the business books, he is also a well-known personality for his audio shows as well as for his podcasts, which have exceeded the limit of almost 100 million downloads. He is also a teacher of business development, leadership, business management, and digital marketing.

Kim Garst:

She is known as one of the top influencers on social media as well as one of the most retweeted digital marketers. Her name is also included in the Forbes list of the top ten people who have a strong command over and influence on social media marketing.

She is also a bestselling author and keynote speaker, as well as a consultant for multinational corporations such as Microsoft, MasterCard, and IBM.She can assist people in turning social media into a primary traffic and sales channel.She also knows how to make people fall in love with your brand.

Jennifer Polk:

If you are one of the full-stack marketers and have the desire to learn more and more about multichannel marketing approaches, Jennifer is the best option as an influencer for you.

She is famous as an advisor to the main chief marketing officers of all the bigger brands. She is also the marketing team’s leader and a marketing specialist all over the world.Polk’s command in the field is customer engagement, brand awareness, and e-commerce.

If you are already a CMO or dream of becoming one, Jennifer can teach you the major lessons in this field.

Scott Stratten:

Scott Stratten has served as the music industry’s marketer in the past. He is regarded as one of the top influencers in the field of video marketing. He has strong skills and commands respect in the field of marketing; he is the author of many top-selling marketing and business books. He is also known as a passionate speaker.Many bigger companies, such as Walmart, Microsoft, Adobe, and PepsiCo, consult him. His favourite topic is the disruption in the field of marketing.

Jay Baer:

His famous and well-known slogan is popular among the people. He says that you should turn your customers into more customers. He is one of the best-selling authors. He is also known as the owner of five multimillion-dollar companies.

His main area of expertise is viral marketing, also known as “word of mouth.”This is due to the fact that his tactics encourage customers to bring more and more customers to his brand. He is regarded as one of the geniuses of customer retention and engagement. He is also popular for his podcasts. He offers a convince and convert digital marketing agency that has vast experience working with companies like Cisco.

If you want to acquire customer understanding and turn them into your brand’s advocate while boosting your viral marketing, Jay Baer is the only influencer you need in your business journey.

Jeff Sheehan:

He is one of the most famous viral marketing gurus. He has the company, i.e., Sheehan Marketing Strategies, which has the knack for developing buzz techniques in the marketing field. He has worked with business giants such as IBM and Apple. He has also specialised in Twitter and LinkedIn marketing techniques.

Leonard Kim:

Leonard Kim is one of the major experts in branding. He is also regarded as one of the top influencers in the field of digital marketing. He is also regarded as one of the most-followed TED speakers. He has a speciality in the teaching of the business mindset, influencer marketing, personal branding, LinkedIn marketing, start-up approaches, and many more.

If you want to have more and more digital marketing news that can offer you the latest information, ongoing trends, and best working techniques, you can follow Leonard Kim.

Neal Schaffer:

Neal Schaffer is regarded as one of the top social media influencers. He is a writer, speaker, and consultant in addition to being an influencer.He is quite popular for his various books, blogs, articles, and guides on social media marketing as well as on digital media practises and hacks. He also produces the content that is related to the marketing on various forums, such as USA Today, Mashable, and Forbes.

You can follow Neal to learn more about making your position stronger in the serving company while improving your brand and using social media marketing to your advantage.

Donna Moritz:

She is famous for her expertise in the fields of social media marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing, as well as in business-to-business marketing. She is an influencer as well as the brand ambassador of many successful companies.

She is known as a professional in visual storytelling and content strategy development. She also owns a blog, which is regarded as a pack full of marketing tricks, tactics, techniques, and hacks. She has also published her articles in various forms, including Marketo and Hubspot.

If you want to increase brand awareness by increasing your social presence and creating catchy content,

We have compiled a whole list of professionals who have techniques to influence your business journey. If you have found this article helpful, please comment and let us know which field you are in and what kind of help you require so that we can suggest the best influencer who can alter your course of success.


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