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CodeArt team is specialized in data science as a service, BI solutions, and data analytics consulting. We help enterprise companies to make better decisions on time by helping them in big data analytics and visualization.

We have a dedicated team of software engineers, big data developers, data scientists, business analysts, and domain experts to help you resolve critical problems of your business with vital data. We help futuristic companies to grow faster and make fewer mistakes.

Our Data Science Process

The data science process is an iterative data science methodology that helps in delivering intelligent applications and predictive analytics solutions. The data science process has a few significant stages that can help in executing the outcome of the projects:

Business Understanding:

The first step is understanding the business and business needs so that we can extract useful data and start working on it.

Data Acquisition and Understanding

After getting the idea about the business, the next step is to understand each part of the data.


In this stage, the data scientists analyze the data and creates a model that best fits the company’s data.


After the modeling of the data is done, it has been shared with the company’s executives who can take further actions.

Customer Acceptance:

Here, the customers accept the data science process created for them and get familiar with it.

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