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We specialize in computer vision algorithm development to fuel breakthrough innovation. We have world-class ML engineers and infrastructure architects in our midst. As a computer vision company, we aspire to build intelligent computer vision systems and deliver high-end CV solutions that will bring real changes to business operations and help business strategies yield better results. We help our clients improve the workflow of their business processes by extracting data from images, live video streams, and video frames.

We tailor computer vision services directly to your specific needs. Whether it’s just automation of visual tasks, computer vision consulting, or building new products from scratch — we do it all.

Security and Surveillance

Along with expertise in computer vision, we utilize face recognition and image processing technologies to deliver top-notch security surveillance solutions. Detecting changes, tracking and segmenting moving objects, identifying and classifying activities, objects and behaviors help you significantly enhance the overall level of safety and security.

Healthcare and Medicine

We provide computer vision and medical software solutions to drive transformation in the healthcare sector. Integrating machine learning methods, we significantly change the whole landscape of prognostic and diagnostic services. We have extensive expertise in imaging analytics that enables us to help clinicians turn complex medical data into actionable knowledge and decision.

Government & Manufacturing

Boosting computer vision technology implementation due to the active interaction between the industry and academic researches can be positively channeled for the benefit of the universe. We provide solutions for energy, defense, infrastructure, education, and other public sectors to resolve issues in the image and video analysis organizations face.

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