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Hello Dear, Victim!

The more and more we get into this digital shit, the more and more people are getting scammed online. 

People are getting victims of online scams, and there’s no one to listen to their complaints. Well, we are here to help. However, we can’t help you recover your loss or money. But we definitely can help you share your experience. 

Now, what’s next? How does this work?

Well! There are two ways to report a scam at

  1. Freeway

You will tell us your story. We will publish it in our reviews section—whether it’s a business, person, or product. We will publish it on our website.

Chances are that our website will bounce whenever someone searches for the business name, person name, or a product with a modifier “reviews.”

By doing this, you will indirectly hurt their business.

  1. Aggressive Way

Depending on multiple factors, you will pay us a small fee of $500 to $10,000.

In return, you will get everything mentioned in section 1 and service to ensure that your reviews rank in all search engines whenever someone searches for that product, business, or person.


If in any unlikely event, your story got removed from our website or is not ranked in search engines for the name of the person, brand, or product, then you will have your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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