Price for Google Data Analytics Certification: Professional

The price of the Google Data Analytics Certification is described in this manual. You can find a detailed breakdown of the pricing and content for the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification in the sections below. Additionally, there is information on how to get financial aid if you need assistance paying for the Google Analytics certificate.

This page also has the price of the Basic Google Analytics Certificate, which is another course for new website users offered by the Google Analytics Academy.

Cost of Google Analytics Certification:

A membership to Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Certification costs $39 per month. Depending on how many hours a week you spend on the certification classes, you may receive a professional certificate in three to six months.

Additionally, Google provides a free Google Analytics Certification for Beginners course that teaches users how to utilise Google Analytics’ fundamental features for search data analysis and digital marketing. Both the Basic Certification test and the pre-exam courses are free to take.

Google Data Analytics Costs for Experts:

A Google Data Analytics Professional Certification costs between $117 and $234 in total. The Professional Certificate, which has eight online courses and requires around 240 hours to complete, is available. Work 20 hours per week for three months to earn $117 for the Google Data Analytics Certificate, or 10 hours per week for six months to earn $234. (The curriculum’s specifics are below.)

Google Analytics Cost for Novices:

A Google Analytics Basic Certification is available at no cost. There are three online pre-exam courses that take around 3 hours to complete, and there is one timed certification test that you have 75 minutes to complete. This course teaches you how to use Google Analytics’ measuring tools to expand your own company via shrewd data gathering and analysis. (The curriculum’s specifics are below.)

Training in Google Data Analytics (Professional Curriculum):

The Google Data Analytics Professional Program fee includes all the training materials you need to acquire the skills necessary to get an entry-level position in the data analytics industry.

The Data Analytics Certificate’s course requirements are listed below:

  1. Data, Data, Everywhere: Foundations
  2. To make decisions based on data, pose questions.
  3. Gather Information for Exploration
  4. Transform dirty data into clean data.
  5. Analyze data to find solutions.
  6. Use visualisation techniques to share data.
  7. R programming for data analysis
  8. Complete a case study for your data analytics capstone project.

Certification for Google Analytics (basic curriculum):

The courses in the Google Analytics Basic Program help you demonstrate that you understand Google Analytics 4, including how to set up and organise a property and use various reporting tools and features for search data analysis. These courses are included in the program’s free fee.

The curriculum for the Basic Analytics Certificate is listed below:
  1. Discover Google Analytics’ Newest Version
  2. Utilize Google Analytics to achieve your business goals.
  3. Track your marketing with Google Analytics.
  4. Cost Summary for Google Data Analytics Certification
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  8. Is Financial Aid Available to Help With the Cost of the Google Data Analytics Certificate?
  9. Google provides financial aid for Google Data Analytics Certificates based on need. A request for financial assistance may be made through the Coursera course website.

The value of a Google Analytics certificate:

Because it’s a useful entry-level credential for working individuals who wish to pursue a career as a data analyst, the Google Data Analytics Certificate is unquestionably worthwhile. The average salary in the area of data analytics is $74,000.

Cost Summary for Google Data Analytics Certification:

I hope you had a good time reading this cost of Google Data Analytics Certification article. As you found out, the Coursera membership cost for the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is $39 per month. Depending on how many hours you put into the course content each week, you may obtain the certification in three to six months for a total cost of $117 to $234. The pre-exam courses and final exam for the Basic Google Analytics Certification are both free to take.


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