Methods for Google Business Verification Without a Postcard (Answered)

The actual procedure to validate Google Business without a postcard is described in this article. The different techniques for rapid GMB profile verification and a list of ways to validate Google My Business without a postcard are provided below. Remember that Google might or might not need to send a postcard to your company’s physical address to confirm the location of your business. During the setup of your Google Business account, you’ll know right away.

As stated in this advice on how to register your business on Google, whether you can verify your business without a postcard depends on the type of store you operate and the category it pertains to for items and services.

Methods for Google Business Verification Without a Postcard:

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How to Verify Google Business Without Postcard #1: Phone or Text Verification:

A phone call or text message is your first choice for how to authenticate Google Business without a postcard. This option allows the Google account holder who is registering the business profile to get a code through a phone call or text that they may input into their Google My Business account.

Use the Google email verification feature:
Email is a different method without a postcard for Google My Business verification. You can select this option to have a numerical code sent to the email address you provided for the business during the process of setting up the business listing.

Include a video in your uploads:
You can often verify a business on Google without a postcard for organisations and stores that have a physical storefront by uploading a video that demonstrates the location, as well as on-site equipment and management records. In addition to capturing outside signage like the street name and other adjacent businesses, the office location must match the Google Maps location for the business listing. Additionally, to demonstrate your ownership of the company, the Google verification team requests access to inside-store video footage that is exclusively available to staff.

Opt for a live video call:
To verify GMB without a postcard, you can also establish a live video call with a Google Business representative. Similar to uploading a video, this verification method also involves a live operator who may confirm the accuracy of your Google Business Profile application. The exterior of the building, on-site machinery, management records, and employee-only parts of the shop are the kinds of evidence you must present in the same way as with a video recording.

Check your company’s status with Google Support:

Contacting the GMB support service is your best alternative if the previous verification techniques don’t work for you in order to validate a Google Business listing without a postcard. (Or, attempt the immediate verification techniques described in the section below.) For a list of assistance and support channels, including live chat, phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and the community help centre, see this linked tutorial on how to contact Google My Business.

How to Instantly Verify Google My Business Without a Postcard

In some cases, you can instantly authenticate your company on Google without requiring a postcard to be delivered to your business address. If so, you can use the methods below to quickly get your Google My Business profile verified while setting it up.

Download the Instant Email Verification Cheat sheet for SEO.

You must use the same email address as is shown on the Google Business Profile in order to receive instant verification through email. If not, extra verification procedures, such as a phone call or text message, may be necessary in addition to the code given through email.

Immediately confirm with Google Search Console:

You may not need to wait for a postcard to arrive in the mail to prove the location of the company because Google Search Console can occasionally be utilised for rapid GMB listing verification.

Before adding or claiming a business profile, current Search Console users who are signed into the platform can confirm the matching website with the company.

After adding or claiming a Google My Business Profile, new Search Console users who verify their matching website can click the “Get Verified” button to automatically validate their listing without having to send a postcard to the business.

Is a virtual address acceptable for Google My Business?

You can’t use a virtual address for a Google My Business listing because the rules say that the place has to be staffed during business hours and that approved businesses have to talk to customers in person during those hours.

Can a Google Business Verification Postcard Be Sent to a PO Box?

Google does not permit the use of P.O. boxes or remote mailboxes for Google Business Profiles. To be listed on Google Maps, a business must have a specific physical address or service area.

Use Ezoic

If your company doesn’t yet have a physical location, you can create a Google My Business account using your home address and later disable the location for Google Maps. In this scenario, after concealing the address, you should set up a service area. For more information, go to our linked guide on how to conceal your address on Google My Business.

The next thing you’ll want to do is enhance the GMB listing to attract more clients once you’ve used the advice in this article to verify your business on Google. For more information on profile optimization tactics, visit these additional pages:

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Summary for Google Business Verification without Postcard.

I hope this tutorial on how to verify a Google Business account without a postcard was helpful. As you now know, there are a number of alternatives to postcard mailings for Google My Business verification. However, the choices open to your store or business will depend on how it is categorised and the kinds of goods and services it provides to clients. For qualified businesses, you can verify a GMB listing without a postcard using alternate techniques such a phone call, text message, email, video recording, live call, or Google Search Console integration.


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