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The list of best websites and blogs reviewed by the team Codeart is illustrated in the proceeding lines:

The Mashable:

The majority of you may already be aware of one of the most popular and well-known technology blogs on the internet, which features the most recent information on technology, gadgets, science, and intriguing topics while also offering internet users practical advice. The finest feature of this website is the ability to see videos of the most recent technological news. It also has more than six million people who follow it on social media and almost twenty million unique visitors every month.
Review of the device: 
What it’s about: Gadget Review is a wonderful place to start if you want a website that is primarily focused on the newest and best in technology. 
The website offers in-depth evaluations on various products and is nicely divided into categories for personal care, security, gaming, appliances, and much more.

If you still can’t locate the item you’re searching for, you may use the suggestion box to ask their website professionals to evaluate it.

The Gadget Review:

“Tech Radar” is the most popular technology news and gadget website on the internet. Additionally, it offers beneficial guidelines for using tablets, computers, mobile devices, etc. Additionally, it assesses various mobile and tablet devices as well as smartphone models. The greatest part is that if you love Android, this website also has news and how-to articles on the platform.

The Tech Radar:

What it’s about: Android Authority is the go-to resource for all things Android if you’re a die-hard smartphone fan, particularly one focused on the Android ecosystem.

Android Authority offers news, expert advice, app and smartphone reviews, best-of lists, how-tos, and a tonne of other interesting information on smartphones and android.

They also have a YouTube channel, where they often provide updates on the newest applications and smartphone releases.


Technorati is a helpful and well-known technology website that enables bloggers and owners of tech blogs to increase traffic to their websites and offers a wealth of high-quality technological tips and news. In addition, it provides a wide range of guidelines for Apple, Android, and other devices.


What it’s about: Ubergizmo is another website that may assist you in making device purchases. Ubergizmo offers thoughts and in-depth evaluations to assist you, whether you’re seeking to purchase the newest smartphone or a brand-new laptop.

Ubergizmo is a terrific resource for the most recent tech news in addition to gadget reviews, covering everything from news to the newest conferences and events.

Business Insider:

Business Insider is a rapidly expanding business website with substantial financial, media, technological, and other sector verticals. On July 19, 2007, the founders of DoubleClick, Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan, as well as former top-ranked Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget, debuted the company’s main vertical, Silicon Alley Insider.

9 to 5 Mac:

The last tech website on our list is for Apple enthusiasts. 9to5Mac is a devoted site for Apple fans that are interested in learning about everything the company does, including new iPhone releases, iWatch news, smart vehicle information, iPad iTV, and Apple Music.

They are one of the few outlets that consistently dissect rumours for those who are obsessed with all things Apple.

The MacRumors:

The website specialises in news and rumours about Apple products. A large audience of consumers and professionals interested in the newest gadgets and goods frequents MacRumors. The website also features a vibrant community that discusses product choices and technical details related to the iPhone, iPod, and Macintosh platforms.

The Information:

The content is aimed at people who want to know more than the average techie and promises “depth documented stories on the technology business that you won’t find anywhere else.”

To give you a complete picture of tech news and not just the surrounding fluff, The Information offers long-form articles authored by competent journalists. Although it is a premium service, it is well worth it!

The Venture Beat:

The media outlet VentureBeat is dedicated to reporting on cutting-edge technology and how it affects our lives. We’re committed to providing in-depth coverage of the technological revolution, covering everything from the most cutting-edge tech and gaming companies—and the amazing people behind them—to the money driving it all.

The Term Sheet:

What it’s about: In addition to technology, Fortune Magazine has an excellent website that covers subjects including money, politics, and entertainment.

A wonderful source for all tech news is their technology division, Term Sheet. Term Sheet has you covered with all the most recent and best in the IT sector, including funding announcements, IPOs, and new product launches.

The Blog Play Station:

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a company that is acknowledged as a leader in interactive and digital entertainment, is in charge of the PlayStation brand and its product line. Since the original PlayStation was introduced in Japan in 1994, PlayStation has brought cutting-edge items to market. PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Vue are all part of the PlayStation family of goods and services. SIE is also in charge of Worldwide Studios, which creates exclusive, top-notch PlayStation games. SIE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, with its corporate headquarters in San Mateo, California, and regional offices in London and Tokyo.

The Engadget:

What it’s about: As the name implies, Engadget is a website that focuses on gadgets and provides user evaluations and impressions. It also includes a tonne of tech news, however.

When searching to purchase a tech device, the “Reviews” section offers thorough product reviews. To better assist you with your tech purchasing selections, the “Buyer’s Guide” section is logically organised into several categories of purchases.

The Gigaom:

The Gigaom is a company that does technological research and analysis. Helping business executives comprehend the consequences of developing technologies and their effects on industry, media, and society is our main goal.

Ars Technica:

after being printed for more than twenty years. One of the first tech periodicals was Ars Technica. Since its start, it has been immensely popular and has amassed a large following of devoted viewers.

In addition to tech news, it also covers business and IT news, automobiles and gadgets, science and culture, and much more. To get the most out of the site and avoid advertisements, a membership plan is available.

The Next Web:

The Next Web is one of the most popular technology websites in the world for good reason. They provide comprehensive product evaluations and explore gadgets in depth, in addition to providing tech news.

Additionally, they provide a list of tech-related conferences, events, and specials so you can make the most of your purchase. You may get a thorough analysis of start-up investment and other announcements via their market intelligence tool, named “”

The Slashgear:

Since 2005, SlashGear has been committed to promoting the best in personal technology. The site covers everything from the newest gadgets to the hottest trends in digital culture. Slashgear offers you gadget information and evaluations you can rely on, as well as insightful commentary. It is distinctive, educational, and new.

The Ubergizmo:

The ubergizmo is a tech enthusiast who enjoys both gadgets and the technology that powers them. Everyone can relate to the way they discuss tech. They create lists to assist you in deciding what devices you need (or don’t need), including everything from design to user interface to practicality, cost, and competition.

Droid Life:

Droid-Life is home to the world’s largest Android community. They discuss current events, highlight applications, examine phones, and even give you a basic introduction to hacking. Droid Life is the ideal place to learn about Android and connect with others who share your interests in all things technological.


Since its founding in September 1999, has covered video games. Over time, the site has expanded to cover all aspects of gaming, including PC, console, indie, board games, and anything else that the staff and readers find fascinating. The site originally had a PC concentration, with a great interest in the competitive FPS scene of the time.



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