I Just Got Hit : Do These 5 Things!

I was just hit – Do you want to know what you should do after a car accident?

Car accidents are much more common than we think. In 2017, there were more than 37.150 deaths in car crashes.

Additionally, an average person will be impacted by 3 to 4 automobile accidents during their lifetime.

Most crashes aren’t dangerous. However, it can inflict damage on your property or personal possessions.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, it is evident that you should consider security.

What should you do if your vehicle hits you? First, we will go over the steps to take if you are a victim of such a tragic accident.

What do you do when you just get hit? On the Scene

A car accident can be a terrifying experience.

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the present. However, there are steps you should take right away after an accident.

The safety of all should be assured immediately. You’ll then be able to prepare for any insurance claims you might have.

  1. Stay Calm and Stay Safe

You might feel shocked, scared, or angry if you are struck by a car (on your feet or in front of the driver). It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and upset at first.

Conflicts at the scene of an incident could be detrimental to your future communication with the other side.

Keep calm and protect your rights. Then, move to a safe place immediately.

  1. Call 911

It doesn’t matter if another driver is still in that area. Call 911 immediately if a vehicle hits you. The scene will be examined by local law enforcement officers who could help you prove the case to the perpetrator.

They’ll also be able to react quicker in the event they need to clean up or protect others.

  • Call 911 immediately to inform the police of what has happened.
  • Apologizing can be seen as admitting fault, even if you try to be kind. As a result, most accident lawsuits will not go to trial.
  • Be truthful and honest in all you claim.
  • Get all involved officers’ names and badge numbers and ask if they can obtain copies of accident reports once the report has been completed.
  • Ask the police for an official report if you feel it is necessary.

Get Medical Help

Seek medical attention immediately after an accident. A difficult-to-remember illness could also be a possibility.

Shock can cause a rush of adrenaline, which can mask discomfort.

If your health is good, you can talk to the police before going to the hospital. Then, follow the doctor’s instructions to recover from an accident.

Contact the Other Driver

  • Contact the driver.
  • Another driver should be able to provide
  • Their full title
  • Their phone number
  • Their address
  • The numbers on their driver’s licenses (for good measure)
  • The details of their insurance. (The name and policy number of the insurance company on the card).

This information may help file claims. It is easy to file a claim if everyone involved has current policies and is at peace.

Knowing these details could help you avoid problems in the future. It’s crucial to maintain your calm when you interact with other drivers.

Both of you will be angry and startled, and tensions may be high for some time.

Document Everything

It is essential to document the details of the accident. Take photos and videos of the scene, including the car involved in the accident.

It is possible to use information about obstructions and weather conditions to help you locate them.

It is possible to also reach out to witnesses on the scene and get their contact information. If a dispute arises during settlement, this testimony may be precious.

Here’s a summary of the details you should try to capture:

  • Images of the collision scene
  • Vehicle damage
  • Skid marks
  • Another vehicle
  • Photos of intersections
  • Other property damage
  • Note corners and street names. Notify landmarks around the area.
  • Contact information for the Witness

Once you are away from the accident scene, consider writing down your memories of what happened-alternatively, audio record yourself talking through the experience.

Your insurance company might ask you to recall the events as accurately as possible. You can simplify this task by organizing your thoughts immediately.

I Just Got Hit

Here’s what you should do after the incident:

Check your policy information

Call your insurance company even if the incident was not your fault. The adjuster will determine if the other driver’s insurance is comparable to yours.

If the other person did not have auto insurance, and you don’t have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you might have to pay for some damages out of your pocket.

File a Claim

This information is helpful to have in your hand when you claim to the insurer. It’s also a good idea to call the police to get the case number.

  • Your insurance provider will ask you to recall the accident as accurately as possible.
  • Every piece of evidence or documentation can make an argument more convincing.
  • The insurer will dispatch an adjuster. He will need to review all evidence and ask you for details about your driver.
  • Once you have spoken with an adjuster, your claim will be out of your hands. The insurance companies will need to come together to pay the share.
  • The process can take up to sixty days, depending on state laws. However, if everything is in order, you will likely receive the money needed to repair any damage your car might have sustained.

Filing a Successful Claim

Your claim is valid only if

  • Your insurance coverage, as well as the insurance of any other driver
  • Who was responsible for this?
  • You have sufficient evidence to support your claim.

Your claim will be successful if you use the correct variables.

Hire a Lawyer

We hope we have answered the question, “What should I do if I’m hit by a car?”

It would help if you acted quickly and calmly to protect your rights under the law. A lawyer with experience in accident law will help you to get the most compensation possible, significantly if you have been injured.

Sometimes, the blame does not fall on you or the driver. For example, if traffic control measures fail to meet safety standards or the road is unsafely constructed.

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to hire an attorney.

Your first What are your injuries? An attorney will likely help you to get compensation for your loss.

Second, who was at fault for the accident? You won’t need to hire a lawyer if you can prove that another driver was in an accident.

Are you able to manage the legal process? An attorney can help you focus on your recovery and get you through the daily challenges.


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