How Often Does Google Analytics Update?(Answered)

This article provides a solution to the query “How often does Google Analytics update?” According to the property type (Google Analytics 4 or Analytics 360) and the number of sessions the website or app receives each day and month, you can see the typical processing time for each Google Analytics delay in the table below.

Additionally, you’ll discover how Google Analytics’ real-time monitoring and unusual data processing capabilities, which might influence how often your digital marketing reports and API requests are made, work.

What is the Google Analytics update frequency?

Most reports and API requests for Standard accounts that transmit less than 200,000 sessions per day take between 24 and 48 hours to update in Google Analytics. Processing delays for Google Analytics 360 accounts range from 4 to 24 hours for websites receiving fewer than 2 billion monthly visits.

Delay in Google Analytics data:

The frequency at which a property is updated for reports and API requests depends on the varied intervals of data delay that Google Analytics provides. The comparison of data freshness for Google Analytics 4 Standard (GA4) and Analytics 360 accounts may be seen in the table below.

  • Interval
  • Process Duration
  • Property Class
  • Each property is captured by data.
  • Issue Coverage


  1. 1 second
  2. Standard 360
  3. None
  4. restricted to a small set of dimensions and metrics
  5. Fresher Data Overall
  6. ten to one hour


  • 2 billion hits monthly
  • nearly all reports and API inquiries

Intraday 360

  • 4 hours
  • 360
  • 2 billion hits monthly
  • Except for non-standard features, all reports and API requests

360 Daily

  • 24 hours
  • 360
  • N/A
  • every report and API request

Regular Intraday:

  1. 24 hours
  2. Standard
  3. 200 million sessions each day
  4. Except for non-standard features, all reports and API requests

Standard Everyday:

  1. 24-48 hours
  2. Standard
  3. 10 million monthly hits
  4. every report and API request

Improved data freshness operates with best efforts for Google Analytics 360 accounts. Google Analytics delivers the subsequent most recent data update if the most current analytics information for the site is not available. As seen in the table above, Standard and 360 accounts are both eligible to get intraday updates for the majority of reports and API requests as long as the volume of user sessions stays within a predetermined traffic threshold.

Features That Process Data Differently:

The Analytics 360 data processing service level agreement does not apply to the following Google Analytics 4 (GA4) functionalities, which are regarded as non-standard.

  • Feature
  • processing time assumed
  • Realtime
  • 1 second
  • Import Data
  • 4 hours

Unsampled Research

  1. 1 hour
  2. User-Lifetime Approach
  3. 24 hours
  4. Insights
  5. 24 hours
  • Daily BigQuery Export
  • 24 hours following the time zone of the property

Real-time tracking using Google Analytics

You can keep an eye on activity on your website or app as it occurs with real-time monitoring in Google Analytics. Each hit is reported within seconds or up to one minute after it happens, and the reports are updated continually.

There are six reports accessible in the Google Analytics real-time monitoring dashboard, as described in this other tutorial on how long Google Analytics takes to reveal data:

  1. Overview
  2. Locations
  3. Internet Sources
  4. Content (or screens, for mobile app properties) (or screens, for mobile app properties)
  5. Events
  6. Conversions
  7. The following update information is shown in reports:
  8. number of users that are active.
  9. The total number of hits during the last 30 minutes
  10. Number of hits in the last 60 seconds for each of the last 60 seconds

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I hope you have liked reading this explanation of Google Analytics’ update frequency. As you’ve seen, for Standard accounts that transmit less than 200,000 sessions per day, Google Analytics updates the majority of reports and API requests between 24 and 48 hours later.

For websites that get fewer than 2 billion monthly visitors, the processing delay for Google Analytics 360 account updates ranges from 4 to 24 hours. For websites and applications that don’t go above a specific traffic threshold, updates may happen at intraday intervals, and certain data and reports are available in real-time.


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