How Long Does It Take Google Analytics To Display Data?(Answer)

This tutorial addresses the issue, “How long does it take Google Analytics to display data?” You should expect to wait anywhere between a few minutes and many hours to get data for both Google Analytics 4 and Analytics 360 accounts. How long it takes to show Analytics data depends on how many daily and monthly sessions your website or app gets, as well as what kind of data or report you want to see in a certain time frame.

How long does Google Analytics take to display data?

Data from Google Analytics is shown after 4–24 hours for Analytics 360 accounts and after 24-48 hours for Standard accounts. Users of Google Analytics may also access certain reports and data in real time.

Data display frequency in Google Analytics:

There are numerous intervals for data processing that have an influence on the frequency (or freshness) of reports and API requests, as was explained in this previous tutorial on how often Google Analytics updates. The time it takes for each kind of account in Google Analytics to display data is summarised below (GA4 and Analytics 360).

  1. Interval
  2. Process Duration
  3. Property Class
  4. Each property is captured by data.
  5. Issue Coverage
  6. Realtime
  7. 1 second
  8. 360, Standard
  9. None
  10. limited to a few dimensions and metrics
  11. Enhanced Data Freshness
  12. 10 minutes to 1 hour
  13. 360
  14. 2 billion hits monthly
  15. Most reports and API requests
  16. 360 Intraday
  17. 4 hours
  18. 360
  19. 2 billion hits monthly

Except for non-standard features, all reports and API requests:

  1. 360 Daily
  2. 24 hours
  3. 360
  4. N/A
  5. every report and API request
  6. regular intraday
  7. 24 hours
  8. Standard
  9. 200 million sessions each day
  10. Except for non-standard features, all reports and API requests
  11. Standard Everyday
  12. 24-48 hours
  13. Standard
  14. 10 million monthly hits
  15. every report and API request

As soon as users begin using your website or app, data from Google Analytics 4 and Analytics 360 properties will begin to appear in the Realtime Report tab of your dashboard. However, as can be seen below, the data is only partially displayed. Additionally, provided the number of user sessions stays within the allowed traffic limit as mentioned in the table above, both Standard GA4 and 360 accounts may get intraday updates for the majority of reports and API requests.

Details Regarding Realtime Reports:

The following categories are shown in Google Analytics’ Realtime Report:



Internet Sources

Content (or screens, for mobile app properties) (or screens, for mobile app properties)



The real-time data shown includes:

number of users that are active.

The total number of hits during the last 30 minutes

Number of hits in the last 60 seconds for each of the last 60 seconds

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Google Analytics Summary of Data:

I hope you had a good time reading this tutorial on how long Google Analytics takes to display data. However, certain reports and data are also accessible for Google Analytics customers to analyse for their website or app in real time. As you found, Google Analytics takes 24–48 hours to provide data for Standard accounts and 4–24 hours for Analytics 360 accounts.



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