How Do You Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

How can frozen leftover pizza be warmed up in an air fryer? Pizza leftovers may be perfectly reheated in the air fryer in only five minutes. Because of air frying, you’ll never want to reheat leftover pizza in the microwave again. Additionally, air frying is much quicker than using a conventional oven.

Pizza in an air fryer reheated:

The findings of our comparison between reheating pizza in a typical conventional oven and in an air fryer are astonishing. Pizza leftovers are much better and cook much faster when air-fried. First, a pizza slice can be preheated without the whole large oven. Second, air-frying leftover pizza produces a crispier crust than traditional oven heating. Finally, depending on how many slices you’re warming, it takes 3-6 minutes.

Reheating Guidelines for Leftover Pizza in an Air Fryer:

The number of slices you can cook with this method depends on the size and type of your air fryer. You can see two cuts in a six qt. In the image above. Depending on your air fryer type, this technique works best for 1-2 pieces of pizza at a time.

Oven Type:

You may reheat as many slices as will fit on the rack or tray of a bigger oven model or toaster oven-style air fryer. Be careful to arrange the tray in the center, away from the heating source.

Lay aluminum foil down to stop the cheese from sticking as it melts. Make airflow holes in the foil so the pizza’s bottom may get crispy.

Why You Will Enjoy This Cooking Technique:

  1. Compared to reheating pizza in the oven, it is far quicker. Compared to ranges, air fryers need less time to heat up, so you can get your pizza hotter more quickly.
  2. Compared to using the oven, cleaning is easier! There is no need to be concerned about a baking sheet, tin foil, or anything else.
  3. Pizza can be microwaved, but the crust becomes mushy or firm and rubbery. The air fryer prevents it from happening! It tastes as lovely as the first day because the air fryer keeps the crust crispy.
  4. All kinds of pizzas will have the same result. The options for the crust are endless: homemade, store-bought, bought, thick, and thin.

Chef’s Advice:

  • When reheating several pizza slices, attempt to group pieces of the same size. Reheating a little thin slice alongside a large, thick portion is not recommended since the smaller cut will be dry and probably charred when the larger one is done.
  • In the basket, keep all the pizza pieces distinct. Your pizza will only reheat evenly since the air circulation needs more.
  • Before placing your pizza in the air fryer, brush the dough with some garlic butter or cooking oil. That will increase its taste and make it crisper.
  • Reduce the temperature of your air fryer by 25° if the pizza begins to burn or brown before it has warmed thoroughly.

In an air fryer, how do I reheat pizza?

It’s a straightforward procedure! Determine the type of air fryer you’re using in the first stage. Depending on how large the basket is, you’ll need to reheat your pizza one or two slices at a time when using an air fryer in the basket style. Meanwhile, you may reheat as many pieces as will fit on the rack or tray of an oven-style air fryer.

In any case, begin by lining the basket rack, tray, or floor with parchment paper or perforated aluminum foil (DIY hole cut-outs are good); you want to enable air passage so that the crust may firm up while also preventing sticking. Place the pizza slice(s) on top and, if you’d like, either remove any toppings that could burn, dry out, or get too crisp while reheating or spray the top of the pizza with cooking spray to prevent toppings from drying out.

What’s the difference between reheating pizza in the oven vs. an air fryer?

Theoretically, heated air is used in an oven and an air fryer to cook food. However, unlike air fryers, which employ quick air technology to circulate heat, ranges depend on a heating element that disperses heat gradually over time. Because air fryers are more minor than ovens, the hot air can flow more uniformly, producing crispier results.

The duration and level of supervision required are the main differences between reheating pizza in an oven and an air fryer. The pizza will warm more slowly in the oven than in the air fryer, and it must be preheated and watched.

When cooking pizza in the oven, ensure that the crust is crisp (rather than merely warmed and soggy) and that the toppings haven’t dried out or burned before the dough has returned to its original crispness. While an oven can reheat a pizza flawlessly, the air fryer beats it for speed and simplicity.




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