Google Assurance (Cost, Ads, and Badge for Local Services)

The Google Guarantee is explained in this manual. You may read more about the Google Guarantee for local services, how it works, which companies qualify for the programme, how much the badge will cost you overall each month, and the expected reimbursement amounts for consumers who use Google Guaranteed businesses to acquire local services.

This is your complete guide to getting Google Guaranteed and learning about the benefits it gives to businesses that serve customers in their area.

The Google Guarantee: What Is It?

A local services initiative called Google Guarantee is accessible to companies that make it through Google’s screening and verification. A company backed by the Google Guarantee guarantees that customers will be happy with the services they order through Local Services Ads or they will get their money back.

The Google Guarantee: How Does It Work?

The Google Guarantee reimburses clients who are dissatisfied with a company’s work and pays up to the original service invoice amount with a lifetime cap. Reimbursements under the Google Guarantee are entirely at Google’s discretion.

There are two phases in the process of claiming a Google Guarantee:

Get in touch with the service provider: Customers should discuss any issues they may have with the local service quality with the licenced company. Before submitting a Google Guaranteed claim, several problems may be fixed.

Customers must use this contact form to file a refund request if their issues have not been handled. Within 30 days after the first service completion date, requests must be made. The Google Local Service Ads team will look into the matter by getting in touch with all parties concerned and confirming that the customers really contacted the provider using Local Service Ads by looking at call records and direct messages sent inside the app.

What personas qualify for Google Guaranteed?

To be eligible for the Google Guarantee, all businesses must successfully complete Google’s screening and verification process through Local Services Ads or one of its partners. Depending on the kind of company and the region, there may be background checks, business registration paperwork, insurance documentation, and licence verification requirements.

You must have a Google My Business profile in order to begin with a Google Guarantee application. See How to Create a Google My Business Account for more information.

Google Background Checks with a Money-Back Guarantee:

Background checks may be required for the following organisations in order for Local Services Ads to be Google Guaranteed:

  1. the business.
  2. business proprietor.
  3. The list of all employees, independent contractors, subcontractors, and workers who do business on Clients’ homes, workplaces, or other properties is known as the field worker roster.

Business owners and their field worker rosters undergo identification and criminal history checks, while background checks for the corporation include information about past civil lawsuits. Businesses are not paid for Google-guaranteed background checks, and credit checks are not a part of the screening process.

Google’s Promised Price:

For verified company owners, Google Guarantee has a basic charge of $50 per month or $600 per year. Local Services Ads also charges a fee for each sales lead generated.

Google Guaranteed companies are only paid an extra cost when a local consumer phones or connects with your business to schedule services, as opposed to regular pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements in Google Ads (previously AdWords), where you pay money for each ad click.

The cost-per-lead (CPL) price is determined by a number of variables, including the region, industry, services, and lead type of the firm. Even yet, some firms may spend more or less per lead than the average of $25.

A company participating in the Google Guarantee programme may contest any unauthorised extra lead expenses. You may have those kinds of lead expenses returned, for instance, if a prospective client is outside of our service area or fails to provide accurate contact information for a follow-up. Additionally, you may select a monthly budget for Local Service Ads’ qualifying Google Guaranteed business leads. When you’re booked solid or on vacation, stop your advertisements and set your budget depending on the quantity of fresh leads you desire each week.

Guaranteed Google Ads:

When users seek local services, Google Guarantee ads—which are a subset of Local Services Ads—appear. The budget and ad targeting for Google Guarantee advertisements are handled separately from those for regular Google Ads.

Despite certain parallels between Local Services Ads and Google Ads, companies that sign up for Google Guaranteed will handle each ad kind independently. To monitor leads and pause advertisements separately from Google Ads, Local Services Ads are administered using a specialised app. If you use the same Google account to sign in to both services, you may examine charges and billing details for both items at once.

Google Assurance Seal

Businesses that successfully complete Google’s screening and verification procedure are awarded the “Google Guaranteed” badge, which replaces the “Google Screened” indicator next to their local service listings.

The Google Guaranteed logo, which looks like a green check mark on the listing as seen in the picture below, informs clients that a local company has passed all background and licencing checks and has confirmed evidence of insurance.

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Google’s Promised Business Payments:

If a company is covered by the Google Guarantee programme, Google may, in its sole and absolute discretion, pay qualifying consumers up to the original service’s cost, subject to the following lifetime

limits for each nation:

  1. $2,000 in the United States
  2. Canada: $2,000 CAD
  3. British Pounds: £1,500
  4. Ireland: 1500 Euro
  5. Spain: 1500 Euro
  6. France: 1500 Euro
  7. Italy: 1500 Euro
  8. Germany: 1500 Euro
  9. Austria: 1500 Euro
  10. Belgium: 1500 Euro
  11. Switzerland: 2,000 CHF

Does Google Guarantee That It Makes Sense?

The Google Guarantee is valuable because it improves the internet reputation of your organisation and gives local consumers confidence that your business has been reviewed and certified by Google. The following are some advantages of the Google Guarantee programme:

  • In the Local Service Ads section at the top of Google’s search engine results, your company is featured.
  • increased confidence among local clients
  • Customers have a higher chance of receiving high-quality services.
  • Organizations get more quality leads.
  • Google invites happy users to provide verified reviews for other people to read.
  • The badge from Google Guaranteed has a low monthly fee.

Summary of the Google Guarantee for Local Services:

I hope you found this explanation of the Google Guarantee helpful. As you now know, companies that provide local services and pass Google’s screening and verification procedures are eligible for the Google Guarantee program. Customers who book services from a company with the Google Guarantee logo next to its listing are guaranteed to be satisfied, and this helps the Google Guaranteed business generate higher-quality leads.


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