How to make “Air Food”?

A nutritious and freshly prepared dinner at your house; The idea seems delicious—We guarantee you will prepare your meal in 20-30 minutes because most people prefer to do it immediately. This air food recipe is well-liked in Asia, Europe, and the West. How to make “Air Food”? “Air food” is a term used to describe foods … Read more

How Do You Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

How can frozen leftover pizza be warmed up in an air fryer? Pizza leftovers may be perfectly reheated in the air fryer in only five minutes. Because of air frying, you’ll never want to reheat leftover pizza in the microwave again. Additionally, air frying is much quicker than using a conventional oven. Pizza in an … Read more

Air Food Recipes That Are Delicious And Low In Calories; Review By Codeart.bizz!

Foods like bread, cheese, and fruit may be transformed into “air foods” by placing them in whipped cream or meringue and letting them float. Whether served on a plate or a bun, it is a fantastic way to start a meal. For a fast lunch, you may wrap your cake in bacon, cut it into pieces, put … Read more


The market for low-calorie snacks is booming, and it benefits our desire to reduce calories to maintain weight and “health.” But can low-calorie snacks like aerated meals help us reach this goal, or do they satisfy our hunger temporarily and make us want to eat more later? What transpires if you go too long between … Read more

Benefits Of Cooking In The Air Fryer 

As more individuals purchase air fryers and learn how handy they are, the fad is undeniably at its height. Owning and using an air fryer for cooking has several advantages. It’s not simply another kitchen item you’ll donate to Goodwill when the novelty wears out next year. It’s a very practical culinary utensil to have around the kitchen.  My Stance On … Read more

How to Prepare Airfood?

 “Airfood” is a term used to describe foods with few calories and minimal nutritional value. Despite having little nutritional benefit, they make the stomach feel full. Rice cakes, celery sticks, popcorn, and diet beverages are popular recipes for air food. They have established themselves in the food industry, just like other foods. Recipes’ History with Airfood: … Read more

A Complete Guide To Air Food!

” What Is A Recipe For Airfood? The best technique to reduce weight and detoxify the body is with an Airfood recipe. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, dietary fibre, and water. Consider the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in a recipe while thinking about how to make a balanced Air food meal. Selecting the best Air food recipe may promote … Read more

What Are The Best Air Food Recipes and Snacks You Can Make At Home?

In the previous articles, we discussed popcorn recipes and their variations. You can try these variations at home. In the present paper, we have mentioned some recipes you can try at home. In the upcoming series of articles, we will discuss the variations of the below-mentioned ingredients. These can add spice and taste to your … Read more