Advanced Search on YouTube (Filters and Operators Guide)

This manual describes how to use YouTube’s advanced search. You can learn more about YouTube’s advanced search in the sections below, along with how it works and a list of all the filters and operators you may use (along with examples) to improve video results based on certain criteria and keywords.
Consider this your comprehensive guide to using YouTube’s sophisticated search operators and filters to locate the precise kind of video material you’re looking for.

What is the Advanced Search on YouTube?

You can use YouTube’s advanced search feature to narrow down your search results. Using advanced search filters and operators, you can narrow down your search results to identify specific types of movies based on criteria.

Advanced Search Filters for YouTube:

You may narrow down the search results on YouTube by the upload date, type, length, and video attributes using a series of filters. You can also use advanced filters to sort the results by things like relevance, number of views, and rating.

There are two methods for using YouTube’s advanced search filters:

  • Using the Filter Menu You may use the Filter button to further narrow your search after entering your search word into the search box on any YouTube page and receiving the results.
  • Utilizing a Search Bar Command: The search results are narrowed depending on the filter type when you put a filter command (preceded by a comma) after your search word in the search field.

uploaded on

  • Final Hour (the last hour)
  • Today (today) (today)
  • This week (or the following week)
  • current month (this month)
  • current year (this year)
  • Type
  • Video (video) (video)
  • (playlist) playlist (channel) playlist
  • Movie (movie) (movie)
  • less than four minutes (short)
  • 4 to 20 min.
  • 20 minutes plus (long)


  1. Live
  2. 4K
  3. HD
  4. Subtitles/CC
  5. Public Domain (requires the use of the filter menu)
  6. 360°
  7. VR180
  8. 3D
  9. HDR (HD)

Location (requires the use of the filter menu and is determined by your YouTube

preferences’ preferred location) (This requires the use of the filter menu and is determined by your YouTube settings’ preferred location).

Purchased (use of the filter menu required)(The filter menu must be used.)

In descending order of importance, you must use the filter menu to upload.

Visitor count (must use the filter menu) (you must use the filter menu to rate) (the filter menu must be used)

Advanced Search Filter Examples

Here are some pictures that show how to use the two ways to use the advanced search filters on YouTube:

Advanced search on YouTube:

Example of an advanced search command: “live children’s music” 

YouTube operators for advanced searches:
Advanced search operators on YouTube are unique instructions that change searches by adding more criteria to limit the results. To expand the functionality of standard text searches, advanced search operators are typed into the search box together with your search word. Here is a list of YouTube’s advanced search operators along with an explanation of how they function.

  • quotation marks around “
    When a search query is enclosed in quote marks, YouTube’s search engine is instructed to only display outcomes that have the exact match phrase in the video title or description. The filter will exclude all other outcomes.
  • Search example: “How does SEO work?”

Examples of sophisticated YouTube search criteria include quotation marks and allintitle. 
Finding YouTube videos that include a specified search term in the title is easy with this sophisticated search operator. All of the words in the title must be present for them to appear in the results.

On-page search engine optimization is an example of this:

For broader results, this YouTube search operator is less restrictive than the one before it. Videos that include any of the terms in the video titles will be shown since it searches for each word separately.

Search term examples: video optimization advice for both beginners and experts:

This search operator limits your term search to the YouTube video description box. When you use it, your search results will only include those that include the term you entered from the video description.

Example search description: practical evaluation

plus symbol:
By using the plus symbol in a search, you may limit the results to just showing movies that include the term you specified. By filtering out the other movies, this advanced search feature enables you to find those that include the desired term.

Download the remixed Swift SEO Keyword Research Cheatsheet.

A sophisticated search term would be “remix + Swift minus sign.” 
The term that is tied to the minus symbol (-) is excluded from results by the minus sign, which functions as a negative advanced search operator. Videos that contain the chosen phrase are removed as a result. Examples of searches for country music OR, You may increase the scope of your set of YouTube search results by using the OR parameter, a Boolean operator. Finding movies that have one or more of the phrases separated by the OR operator is now easier. Example of a Techno, Trance, or Dubstep search

The OR operator and the pipe symbol both function in identical ways. Finding movies that include one or more of the phrases separated by the | parameter will extend your search.

Example Search: dubstep, techno, and trance AND You can reduce the number of YouTube search results that are returned by using the AND parameter, a Boolean operator. Finding videos that only contain the terms that are separated by the AND operator is made easier. The results exclude videos that do not contain all of the terms. Search for recipes AND chocolate, for example.

In parentheses: 
A sophisticated YouTube search technique that groups other operators together and lets you control their execution order is to enclose your keyword phrase in parentheses. It operates in a manner akin to a mathematical statement. The search will prioritise keywords and Boolean operators inside parentheses before moving on to keywords outside of them. As an example of a hotel search (or hotel tour), consider Paris.

dollar sign ($) and numbers:
Your YouTube searches will return results that contain the associated monetary value if you add the dollar sign and a number to the search bar. This is a good way to find videos that are focused on a specific dollar amount. For instance, Search’s stock picks are $10.

#…# Number Sequence:
This YouTube advanced search filter lets you look for videos that contain a specified number range. For example, you may want to find videos that pertain to a certain year (e.g., 2021–2022), contain a particular quantity of tips or tricks (e.g., 5–10), or fall within a certain price range (e.g., $100–1000). To use this operator, you must enter the first number in the range followed by three dots (…) followed by the last number. Example Sjokes 2021 Searches Cleaning hacks for 2022; stock picks for 2050 ($5-$20)

If you want to find videos that were uploaded before a specific date, then this operator will help you do this type of advanced search on YouTube. You can also use it with just the year parameter if you don’t want to specify an exact date. Searches for Gary Vee before: 2009-10-2022 Grant Cardone before: 2018

After [date], learn more about the Keyword Accelerator Playbook:
This search parameter is similar to the last operator but only returns YouTube video results that have been added after a specific upload date or year. Gary Vee searched for the following terms in 2017: Grant Cardone after 2015

* Wildcard:
The wildcard is an advanced search method for YouTube that will fill in the missing word in a search string. It’s represented by an asterisk * and can be placed between any words in the search phrase to help find results that are not restricted to one particular term. Example searches: “easy” * “recipes for dinner” * “for new moms” * “marketing tips for”

# Hashtag:
If you want to find YouTube videos that have been tagged with a specific hashtag, then all you have to do is add the # symbol to the search word. Note: Hashtag searches cannot contain spaces between the words in the phrase. Example Search\s#worldcup2022

The comma allows you to combine any of the advanced search operators on YouTube. For example, you may want to find videos on a particular topic that contain an exact keyword phrase in the title while also being uploaded after a certain date. Or, you may want to add a filter to the search without having to select it from the Filter menu. “Best YouTube cameras,” “after 2021,” “SEO tips,” “50-100,” “4K,” “this month’s motivational music,” “mix,” “long,” and “HD” are some examples of searches.

Examples of advanced search filters and operators combined:

Note: For some searches using the comma operator, YouTube will filter the results so only videos that match the parameters exactly will be displayed. Alternative combinations of advanced search operators, on the other hand, may return additional results that do not match the precise requirements. A classic example of this is when you use the filter for “this week” and no new videos have been posted that correspond to your search. YouTube will then display videos from the preceding month and year to assist you in finding videos that match the other search criteria.

Summary for YouTube’s Advanced Search:

I hope this tutorial on YouTube advanced search was helpful. You may filter the results of your YouTube advanced search using a wide variety of filters and operators, as you have already found. You may take greater control of your YouTube search results and locate the finest videos on the site that suit your requirements by utilising the different search criteria given on this page.


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